In 1996, the fellowship affirmed its global commitment by overwhelmingly adopting a NAWS Vision Statement. In 2010, the fellowship adopted a more global statement, which is below. We stand committed to making this vision a reality. For in-depth information about our current efforts and where the money comes from and where it goes, please look at the links to our various reports below.

All of the efforts of Narcotics Anonymous are inspired by the primary purpose of our groups. Upon this common ground we stand committed.

Our vision is that one day:

Every addict in the world has the chance to experience our message in his or her own language and culture and find the opportunity for a new way of life;

  • Every member, inspired by the gift of recovery, experiences spiritual growth and fulfillment through service;
  • NA service bodies worldwide work together in a spirit of unity and cooperation to support the groups in carrying our message of recovery;
  • Narcotics Anonymous has universal recognition and respect as a viable program of recovery.

Honesty, trust, and goodwill are the foundation of our service efforts, all of which rely upon the guidance of a loving Higher Power.

Our Seventh Tradition states: “Every NA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.” WANA only accepts contributions from NA members, NA groups and their committees such as ASC’s and WANAAC.

Please remember the Seventh Tradition which reminds us that we cannot accept any contributions from outside the fellowship.

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